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Window and Door Repair

Replacing windows and doors isn't always necessary and for old period properties ought to be a last resort to preserve the character.  Using modern machinery I can duplicate mouldings to restore even the most extreme cases.

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Custom Kitchen Design

Every piece made by big owl joinery is designed and made to meet your taste and needs.  You can throw away the text book and let your imagination run wild.

You are able to plan and configure your kitchens or storage area's exactly as you would like them to be.


Storage Solutuons

Not all houses are square and if like many other houses in Norfolk and Suffolk you have an area in your house which will not accommodate standard furniture Big owl joinery specializes in getting you the best yield out of your available storage space.

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Replacement Windows and Doors

Keeping the theme of your building is important and using high quality, matching replacement windows and doors is a big part of it.  Exact copies of your originals is what big owl joinery does best.

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Precision cut Mortice and tennon Joints


Notched Framing

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Traditional Oak Casement Windows

Decorative Staff Beadings

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