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A very smart office desk

A school friend of mine said in his own words "Al I like your stuff, I'm giving you carte blanche to make me a desk for the office in my new house."

Of course I didn't want to let him down and people don't say that very often so I started thinking and researching. There was a lot of the same idea's coming up so I decided to just go to the workshop and let the creativeness flow. I am absolutely chuffed with the end result and he was too.

Ok the internet is cheaper but the desk will last forever and as an old boss once said to me "buy the best desk you can so it is making money while you are sitting at it making money!"

My own desk is still made of ply wood btw, I hope to have time to make myself one one day.

If you are in the Milton Keynes/Bedford area and would like someone reliable to carry out some electrical work then seek out CHS Electrical Services and ask for Matt.

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